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The end of 2012 saw the come back of one of the biggest names in online poker – Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker is now back in operation and early signs are showing a lot of growth and momentum in the industry despite blocking players from the United States.

Full Tilt Poker once hosted some of the biggest hands in online poker on a regular basis, and some of the best professional poker players helped to slingshot FTP to second on the list of the world’s most popular poker websites. Full Tilt was arguably the best, most player-friendly poker software around. And these differentiating factors are all once again returning back to Full Tilt.

Because those deemed responsible for the revocation of Full Tilt Poker’s operating license are no longer involved with the organization, it’s likely that Full Tilt Poker will regain the trust of its former customers and professionals. Many of the world’s most renowned pros will return to Full Tilt and take each other on in some of the biggest digital hands ever seen. We’ve already seen Viktor “Isildur1” Blom leave Team PokerStars to join Team Full Tilt as well as Gus Hansen.

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Why Play at Full Tilt Poker?

  • Full Tilt Poker is now owned and operated by PokerStars, the most trusted name in online poker.
  • Enjoy the super slick Full Tilt Poker interface, including Rush Poker!
  • Take advantage of the new welcome bonus which offers a £400 ($600/€500) bonus, 10 freeroll tickets, and a free $2.25 tournament ticket!

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    Full Tilt Poker Bonus

    The new Full Tilt Poker welcome bonus package is an excellent incentive for new players (outside of the US) to return to Full Tilt. Simply put, Full Tilt Poker offers one of online poker’s best first deposit welcome bonuses.

    First, Full Tilt Poker offers a 100% match up to £400. This bonus can be claimed by making up to three deposits within 60 days and every deposit will be matched up to a total of £400, e.g. making two deposits of £200 each within 60 days or four deposits £100 each within 60 days Full Tilt Poker will give you a £400 deposit bonus.

    Full Tilt Welcome Bonus


    This bonus is cleared by playing real money games on Full Tilt Poker. The bonus is released in increments in 10% chunks or every $20 whichever is smaller. If you deposited $150 for the first deposit bonus then the bonus is released in $15 increments, if you deposited $200 or more the bonus will be released in $20 increments. The bonus is earned at a rate of $1 for every 25 Full Tilt Points earned.

    Full Tilt Points are awarded to players who pay rake in ring and tournament games. 10 FTPs or Full Tilt Points are awarded for every $1 raked in both cash and tournaments. In cash games the FTPs are divided amongst the players who contributed rake to a pot. For example if two ring game players played a pot with a $3 rake then both players would receive 15 FTPs, if three players played a pot with a $3 rake then each player would earn 10 FTPs. Partial FTPs are awarded for any contribution to the pot.

    In tournaments every dollar paid in tournament fees will earn 10 FTPs, with no limit on how many Full Tilt Points you can earn in a single tournament. For example a $69+$6 tournament would earn a player 60 FTPs and a $20+$2 would earn a player 20 FTPs. Full Tilt Points are awarded when the tournament finishes.

    Because you 25 FTP’s earn you $1 of the bonus, the Full Tilt Poker bonus ratio is 2.5 to 1, for every $2.50 you spend in tournament fees, you earn back $1 in bonus! This is an excellent bonus ratio when compared to the rest of the online poker industry.

    Full Tilt Poker also awards entries to it’s $50k First Deposit Freeroll Series. Players making their first deposit all receive ten free entries which can be used for their Sunday $5,000 First Deposit Freerolls held on every Sunday at 06:00 ET and 14:30 ET, first deposits can play one or both tournaments each Sunday. To find this tournament open the tournament tab and change the tournament filter to only show Freerolls/FTPs and the filter will show the freerolls entitled $5k First Deposit Freeroll. Full Tilt Poker also gives all first depositors a $2.25 tournament ticket to be used in any tournament with a $2.25 buy in of their choice.

    All these things combined offer one of the industries’ best welcome packages. The £400 100% match is on par with the highest welcome bonuses in online poker and the ten freeroll entries offer a potentially massive boost to anyone’s bankroll. The $2.25 tournament ticket is just more icing on the cake. The welcome bonus package is a great incentive to make your first deposit and start playing on Full Tilt Poker.


    Rush Poker Mobile

    One of the more recent developments from Full Tilt Poker is their Rush Poker mobile app. You’ve probably heard of Rush Poker, which is Full Tilt’s innovative poker game that speeds up the pace of play by instantly dealing you into a new hand at a new table as soon as your action ends on the previous hand.

    But now, you can play Rush Poker from your mobile device.


    Flipout Tournaments

    The new Flipout Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker provides a unique way to speed up the time frames of multi-table tournaments. Normally, you would have to sit through hours of tournament play before making it into the money. Flipout Tournaments removes the initial wait period forcing everyone to go all-in on their first hand!! If you win, then you’ve made it to the money where the real tournament begins!



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