British-based Ladbrokes is one of the largest betting companies in the world. Poker players flock to its poker room because many believe the competition is soft and primarily made up of sports bettors looking to gamble off money. Whether this is true or not, players stay because of Ladbrokes Poker’s dependability, traffic volume, and host of lucrative promotions.

And if you sign up to Ladbrokes Poker, you can receive a 200% deposit bonus for up to £1200!

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Ladbrokes Poker Welcome Package

All new Ladbrokes Poker players are entitled to a welcome bonus worth as much as £1,200. Ladbrokes requires its clients to opt in to all promotions at Ladbrokes Poker. Therefore, after registering you’re account, be sure to check the Promotions Opt-In feature on the website or in the software client.

But first, when registering your new Ladbrokes account, be sure to redeem the Ladbrokes promotion code BONUSBETS. This Ladbrokes promo code will qualify your new account for the maximum Ladbrokes Poker welcome bonus, as well as the bonuses available from Ladbrokes Sports, Ladbrokes Casino, and the various other Ladbrokes services.

Ladbrokes Poker Registration Promo Code

Once you’ve opted in, all you have to do to claim the bonus is to make your first deposit. The minimum deposit at Ladbrokes Poker is £5. The potential bonus Ladbrokes awards you is 200 percent the bonus amount. Therefore, if you deposit £5, the potential bonus is £10, and if you deposit £600, the potential bonus is the maximum possible bonus of £1,200.

Note that the bonus isn’t awarded immediately. Instead, Ladbrokes awards the bonus in £5 increments each time you’ve earned 275 Status Points, which are discussed in the Ladbrokes Poker Loyalty Program section. If your default currency is the dollar, Ladbrokes awards the bonus in $5 increments each time you’ve earned 170 SP. If your default currency is the euro, Ladbrokes awards the bonus in €5 increments each time you’ve earned 240 SP.

You have 90 days from your first deposit to claim you bonus. After 90 days, any unclaimed bonus money is voided, but you get to keep any bonus money that’s already been released.

Newbie Delight

There’s more to the Ladbrokes Poker Welcome Package than just the welcome bonus. Another aspect is the Newbie Delight tournament. Ladbrokes hosts depositor freerolls each week, and Newbie Delight is a specialized depositor tournament exclusively for new members. Newbie Delight tournaments run every day. Finish in the top 20 of a daily to gain free entry to round two, which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Finish in the top 10 there to gain entry to a Sunday finale with a €250 prize pot.

Ladbrokes Poker Loyalty Program

Once you’ve downloaded the Ladbrokes Poker client and registered a unique poker handle, you’re automatically enrolled in the Ladbrokes VIP Club. Every time you pay cash to enter a tournament or contribute to a raked pot in a ring game, you’ll earn Ladbrokes Points and Status Points.

LP and SP are earned at the same time. You’ll earn 10 LP and 10 SP for every $1 spent. If the pound is your default currency, then you’ll earn LPs and SPs at the rate of 16 per £1 spent. If the euro is your default currency, then you’ll earn LPs and SPs at the rate of 14 per €1 spent.

SPs aren’t consumable and instead continue to accumulate in a monthly pool, the size of which determines your VIP level. In other words, your points accumulated in April determine your VIP level in May. VIP level determines your LP exchange rate. The levels and SP requirements are as follows:

1. Short Stack – 0 SP
2. Grinder – 100 SP
3. Deep Stack – 500 SP
4. Chip Leader – 1,600 SP
5. Rounder – 4,000 SP
6. Legend – 9,000 SP

LPs, on the other hand, are consumable, and you can convert them into cash bonuses, tournament tokens and general tokens, which you can spend on merchandise and other items when they’re available. As mentioned, VIP level determines conversion rate, and the difference can be significant. While a Deep Stack VIP requires 9,000 LP for a £100 bonus, the Legend needs only 5,000.

Ladbrokes Poker Software

Ladbrokes use the iPoker platform, which is developed and maintained by Playtech. iPoker is over a decade old now, which has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, iPoker is very refined and stable, but on the other, it sometimes looks and feels like an app that’s more than 10 years old.

The software has a robust lobby system that lets you search through games based on a wide range of criteria, but one of our favorite features is Quick Seat, which gets you into a game immediately. The system can seat you based on table popularity or your pre-established preferences.

Ladbrokes Poker Lobby Screenshot

Table layout is clean and easy to read. By default, the tables can be a bit cluttered, but there are options to organize it to your liking. The system does support up to 16 tables at a time, which is a plus for multi-table players. The system has a custom resizing tool as well and will remember your layout preferences.

Ladbrokes Poker Table Screenshot

Speed Poker

Speed poker is the iPoker answer to RUSH poker, and it’s a blast. How it works is that you’re seated at a table and play a hand. As soon as your participation in that hand ends, such as with you folding, the system moves you to a table that’s ready to deal. It’s an excellent format for casual play, and it allows you to play more hands per hour, clear your bonuses faster and increase your LP and SP earnings.


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